What is Truebees?

Truebees is an innovative deepfakes detection tool that aims to address the growing concern of AI-generated portraits circulating on social media platforms. By utilizing Truebees, users can easily and efficiently verify the authenticity of images, ensuring that only trustworthy photos are shared. This robust solution plays a crucial role in combating the spread of deepfakes and disinformation, particularly in the media industry where the need to identify and clarify ambiguous or uncredited images is paramount. By preventing the sharing of AI-generated images, Truebees helps mitigate potential risks such as scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, and other computer crimes.

Truebees Use Cases

  • The app helps media professionals identify and resolve uncertainties related to unclear or uncredited images.
  • It offers a way to establish the credibility of pictures used as evidence in legal cases.
  • It also assists media outlets and freelance journalists in fact-checking their content.

Truebees Details

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