What is Transkrip?

Aimasuk is an innovative online audio transcription application that harnesses the power of AI technology to effortlessly convert audio and video recordings into accurate text. With support for various file formats such as mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, m4a, and webm, this tool offers flexibility and convenience. The transcription process is remarkably efficient, taking approximately 1 minute to transcribe every 10 minutes of audio, excluding the time required for uploading. Aimasuk allows users to transcribe files of any size, providing unlimited transcription capabilities. Moreover, it offers the unique feature of transcribing directly from YouTube by simply copying and pasting the video link.

Transkrip Use Cases

  • Generating text descriptions for videos.
  • Transforming spoken lectures into written notes.
  • Converting recorded interviews into written transcripts for academic research.

Transkrip Details

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