What is Timely?

Timely is an innovative time tracking software that utilizes AI technology to assist users from diverse industries in accurately and efficiently tracking their time. With its comprehensive features such as project tracking, team tracking, and plan management, Timely proves to be a valuable tool for professionals in fields such as accounting, advertising agencies, creative industries, freelance work, legal services, project management, remote work, and software development. By using Timely, users can effortlessly monitor budgets, track project progress, and keep a real-time record of their hourly activities. Additionally, Timely offers seamless integrations with popular applications like Asana, Basecamp, and Google Calendar, further enhancing its functionality and convenience for users.

Timely Use Cases

  • Keep track of project progress and hourly activities in real-time.
  • Connect with well-known apps such as Asana, Basecamp, and Google Calendar.
  • Monitor team activities and oversee plans.

Timely Details

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