What is Swapper?

The AI face swapper application offers users the ability to seamlessly swap faces in their photos, providing a wide range of 35 unique styles to choose from. In addition to this feature, the app also includes a background removal function and a smart upscaler that enhances the resolution of images. With its versatility, the tool can be utilized for various purposes such as design, marketing, and fashion. Powered by artificial intelligence, it effectively detects and replaces faces in photos, allowing users to select images from their personal gallery. To provide users with a chance to experience its capabilities, the app offers a complimentary three-day trial period, which can be canceled at any time. For those who opt for the paid plans, additional benefits such as priority processing and email support are included.

Swapper Use Cases

  • Fashion: Preview various makeup looks by swapping faces.
  • Design: Use face swapping for creative projects.
  • Marketing: Utilize face swapping for advertising campaigns.

Swapper Details

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