What is is an advanced AI tool that leverages data from web and mobile activities to deliver real-time behavior segmentation across a wide range of industries. Their cutting-edge Personalive™ system utilizes social media, mobile, and web activities to categorize individuals based on their behavior, offering valuable insights for campaign strategy, mobile visit segmentation, custom segmentation, omnichannel and ecommerce, real-time activation, consumer-facing initiatives, and site selection. With a comprehensive dataset that includes proximity and geoweb solutions,'s platform finds practical applications in diverse fields such as retail, residential and commercial real estate, advertising, finance, urban planning, and restaurants. In addition to their powerful tool, provides valuable resources like the Geosoci Academy, webinars, and documentation tailored for data scientists. Use Cases

  • Creating a plan for a marketing campaign.
  • Segmenting mobile website visitors.
  • Utilizing multiple channels and online shopping. Details

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