What is Rosetta? is an innovative AI solution that caters to the needs of eCommerce businesses by providing personalized customer experiences. With its advanced features like tailored product recommendations, conversational optimization, and AI-driven exit-int promotions, this tool takes customer engagement to the next level. By leveraging visual AI and consumer insights, enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of product recommendations, thereby elevating the overall shopping experience. The tool's success stories, backed by compelling case studies, demonstrate its ability to significantly boost order value, conversion rates, and revenue per visitor. With its wide-ranging applicability, caters to both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises across the globe.

Rosetta Use Cases

  • Use AI-driven exit-int promotions to enhance revenue per visitor.
  • Leverage personalized product recommendations to boost order value.
  • Optimize conversations to improve conversion rates.

Rosetta Details

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