Prompt Refine

What is Prompt Refine?

Prompt Refine is an innovative AI tool that empowers users to construct prompts in a well-organized manner by incorporating variables, adjusting parameters, and establishing new prompt folders. With the convenient "add variable" feature, users can swiftly refine prompts and effortlessly submit them by pressing the submit+enter prompt button. Additionally, Prompt Refine offers a history clear function, enabling users to conveniently review recent prompts and responses. This tool is specifically designed to enhance prompt experimentation, enabling users to monitor performance, create prompt variations, and maintain a well-organized history. Compatibility is not an issue, as Prompt Refine seamlessly integrates with a range of models including OpenAI models, anthropic models, together models, cohere models, and local models. Furthermore, users can export their runs in CSV format, facilitating comprehensive analysis and comparison.

Prompt Refine Use Cases

  • Monitor the effectiveness of prompts by generating different variations and evaluating their performance on various models.
  • Develop well-organized prompts to achieve improved outcomes with AI tools.
  • Discover new prompt concepts and collaborate with your team to enhance prompts.

Prompt Refine Details

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