Proformis AI

What is Proformis AI?

Proformis is a cutting-edge application that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist individuals in crafting well-crafted and organized performance evaluations. By providing step-by-step guidance through a comprehensive 360° assessment, users are able to establish the desired tone, breadth, and objectives of their reviews. Leveraging the power of AI, Proformis streamlines the writing process, saving users valuable time while ensuring the production of top-notch evaluations. With its emphasis on structured results, this tool ultimately contributes to enhanced team performance. Proformis offers a range of pricing options, including Starter, Standard, and Pro plans, and users also have the option to purchase credits for acquiring additional reviews.

Proformis AI Use Cases

  • Boost team productivity.
  • Enhance the quality of evaluations.
  • Streamline the review process to save time.

Proformis AI Details

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