What is Overdub?

Overdub by Descript is a cutting-edge text-to-speech application that enables users to generate incredibly lifelike voice replicas using a variety of pre-existing voices. With Overdub, you have the ability to seamlessly merge the recorded voice with alterations in pitch, tone, and other characteristics. Additionally, you can overlay the voice clone onto both audio and video content. The free version of this AI-powered tool allows you to create an extensive vocabulary for unlimited overdubs, while the professional version grants you access to a wide range of voices that align with your preferred style preferences. In addition to these features, Descript offers a comprehensive suite of services including editing, recording, transcription, publishing, and sharing, all powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Overdub Use Cases

  • Produce audio content for podcasts.
  • Develop customized voice assistants.
  • Produce voiceovers for videos.

Overdub Details

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