What is Osher.ai?

osher.ai is an advanced AI platform designed specifically for businesses. It seamlessly integrates with your internal processes, knowledge bases, web content, and data through both private and publicly accessible AIs. With osher.ai, you have the ability to create and deploy custom AIs tailored to your business, organization, team, or club.

These custom AIs can be trained on the content you upload, such as your internal knowledgebase, process documents, or spreadsheets. Each AI you create can have access to different content, allowing for a personalized and efficient user experience. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize your AIs' name, personality, purpose, and color to align with your brand.

One of the key features of osher.ai is the ability to control how your AIs are accessed. You can limit access by domain, ensuring that only authorized individuals or organizations can interact with your AIs. Additionally, you have the option to embed a chat widget on your website, enabling public interactions, or insert the AI in an intranet for internal employee access.

Overall, osher.ai provides businesses with a powerful and customizable AI solution that enhances productivity, streamlines processes, and delivers a seamless user experience.

Osher.ai Use Cases

  • Automate the process of assisting customers.
  • Optimize and simplify internal procedures.
  • Deliver customized suggestions and recommendations.

Osher.ai Details

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