What is Orchard?

Orchard is an intelligent AI assistant that is equipped with contextual awareness, allowing it to deliver accurate answers and valuable insights through its user-friendly chat interface. With its ability to seamlessly search through various web, file, and document integrations, Orchard ensures that users have access to a wide range of information sources. Moreover, it can connect to different data sources, enabling users to obtain real-time, web-enhanced answers.

One notable feature of Orchard is its multi-party document chats, which facilitate collaboration among users. This feature allows multiple individuals to engage in discussions and share insights within the context of a document. Additionally, Orchard offers a smart text editor that enhances the overall user experience by providing advanced editing capabilities.

Developed by a team of experts from prestigious institutions such as Yale and Stanford universities, Orchard is specifically designed to assist analysts in comprehending their work more effectively. It offers both personal and pro versions, catering to the needs of different users. Whether you are an individual seeking personal assistance or a professional analyst looking for advanced features, Orchard has you covered.

Orchard Use Cases

  • Providing instant web-based answers.
  • Assisting analysts in understanding their tasks.
  • Enabling multiple users to chat within documents.

Orchard Details

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