What is Octoeverywhere?

Gadget is an innovative AI tool for 3D printing enthusiasts. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, this free tool is designed to detect and address common print failures. With its continuous monitoring capabilities, Gadget keeps a close eye on your prints and promptly notifies you in case of any failures. It goes beyond just detecting issues like adhesions, layer problems, and shell problems, offering a range of features including full-frame rate viewing, SMS notifications, and over 20 other perks. Moreover, Gadget provides valuable troubleshooting advice and helps improve detection. By supporting the project, users can contribute to its future development and enhancements.

Octoeverywhere Use Cases

  • Enhance the quality of printed materials by providing helpful tips for troubleshooting.
  • Implement a feature that automatically stops printing when errors occur.
  • Identify issues such as adhesions, problems with layers, and shell defects.

Octoeverywhere Details

  • Pricing: Free
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