What is Meetshepherd?

Shepherd is an innovative collaboration application designed to assist companies in effectively harnessing the benefits of both synchronous and asynchronous work methods to ensure the smooth progress of future projects. By seamlessly integrating with popular tools like Google Calendar and video conferencing platforms, Shepherd's user-friendly sidebar enables teams to effortlessly plan and oversee product meetings without the need to exit their ongoing video calls. With its intuitive interface, users can easily create and incorporate agenda templates, jot down notes, delegate tasks, and engage in real-time collaboration with their team members. Moreover, Shepherd offers a range of additional features including a scratchpad, convenient keyboard shortcuts, seamless app integrations, and a centralized hub for efficient task and notification management.

Meetshepherd Use Cases

  • Collaborate with colleagues in real-time by utilizing the scratchpad and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Stay organized and informed about tasks and notifications through the hub feature.
  • Efficiently plan and oversee product meetings by utilizing agenda templates and assigning tasks.

Meetshepherd Details

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