What is Mathly?

The AI tool being reviewed here is a remarkable homework helper that utilizes mathematical algorithms to offer solutions and detailed explanations. It possesses the ability to solve math problems by simply analyzing a photo and even generates additional questions and practice problems to assess the user's comprehension. What sets this tool apart is its adaptability to cater to the user's unique learning style, as it tailors its explanations accordingly. Moreover, it goes the extra mile by creating similar problems to facilitate better understanding. Currently, the tool is in its early access phase, providing users with an opportunity to enhance their math skills in a more efficient and expedient manner. Additionally, users have the option to reach out to the developers for any necessary support.

Mathly Use Cases

  • Customize explanations to match the user's preferred learning method.
  • Obtain detailed solutions to mathematical problems in a sequential manner.
  • Create additional questions and practice exercises to assess comprehension.

Mathly Details

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