What is llmonitor?

Llmonitor is an advanced AI tool designed to enhance the performance of AI agents and chatbots. By utilizing llmonitor, users can effectively monitor and analyze requests made to LLMs, ensuring optimal functionality and cost efficiency. This tool enables users to track user activity, allowing them to stay informed about costs and make necessary adjustments to prompts in order to save money. Moreover, llmonitor offers a unique debugging feature that allows users to replay agent executions and trace user conversations. This feature is particularly useful for identifying any gaps in chatbot knowledge and resolving complex issues. Another notable feature of llmonitor is its ability to capture user feedback and generate labeled training datasets. These datasets can be exported to fine-tune models, resulting in improved app quality while simultaneously reducing costs. With its developer-friendly nature, llmonitor provides built-in integrations for Python and JavaScript, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, llmonitor offers both a hosted version and an open source self-hostable option, providing users with flexibility and convenience. Experience the capabilities of llmonitor and get started within minutes.

llmonitor Use Cases

  • Track and enhance expenses of AI agents.
  • Collect user input to improve training data.
  • Troubleshoot intricate AI agents and enhance prompts and efficiency.

llmonitor Details

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