Lama Cleaner

What is Lama Cleaner?

This application is a cutting-edge image inpainting tool that harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence technology to seamlessly eliminate undesired elements such as objects, flaws, and individuals from photographs, replacing them with smooth and natural diffusion. The tool can be effortlessly installed and efficiently controlled via GitHub, offering users a range of functionalities including workflow automation, code management, and collaborative capabilities. Notably, this tool is completely free of charge, open-source, and can be fully self-hosted, accommodating both CPU and GPU support. For users seeking a swift and hassle-free initiation, comprehensive quick start and development instructions are readily available within the GitHub repository.

Lama Cleaner Use Cases

  • Removing undesired elements from images of properties.
  • Eliminating imperfections from pictures of people's faces.
  • Erasing the presence of tourists from scenic photographs.

Lama Cleaner Details

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