What is Knowmax?

Knowmax is a cutting-edge knowledge management platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences across various industries including telecom, banking, insurance, e-commerce, media, healthcare, travel, automotive, and utilities. With its omnichannel capabilities, Knowmax enables businesses to streamline complex standard operating procedures and workflows through the use of decision trees, a knowledge base, visual guides, and visual assistance. Additionally, the platform allows for the creation of self-help guides and offers a user-friendly cognitive decision tree that seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, resulting in quicker and more personalized resolutions. By leveraging Knowmax, businesses can significantly reduce learning curves, errors, and average handling time, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and first call resolution rates. Furthermore, the platform features a powerful search engine reminiscent of Google, providing instant access to relevant knowledge across multiple touchpoints.

Knowmax Use Cases

  • Enhancing efficiency and customization by connecting with CRM.
  • Streamlining intricate standard operating procedures and processes.
  • Developing user-friendly instructional materials.

Knowmax Details

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