What is Kahuna?

Kahuna is an innovative AI tool designed to assist professionals in effectively monetizing their expertise through monthly subscription services. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Kahuna is able to analyze and understand the unique knowledge-base of each expert, enabling them to deliver personalized and timely advice to their subscribers. With Kahuna, experts have the flexibility to set different subscription tiers based on the number of questions they are willing to answer each month. The user-friendly online dashboard makes managing subscriptions and responding to inquiries a seamless experience. By utilizing Kahuna, experts can effortlessly expand their advisory capabilities and establish a compelling profile to attract paying subscribers.

Kahuna Use Cases

  • Consolidating subscription management and inquiries into a single interface.
  • Enhancing the capacity to provide advice on a larger scale.
  • Developing a profile that can be easily shared among paid subscribers.

Kahuna Details

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