What is InstaNovel?

Instanovel is an innovative AI-powered application that enables users to effortlessly create mini-novels by providing prompts. With the added feature of customizable visual styles, users can truly personalize their literary creations. For those seeking a seamless experience, Instanovel offers a premium option that allows users to skip the wait times typically associated with generating books. To get started, users simply need to input a prompt of up to 300 characters and select from a diverse range of art styles. Once the mini-novel is generated, it will be conveniently delivered to the user via email confirmation. Additionally, users will soon have the option to print their creations in hard copy format, further enhancing the overall experience.

InstaNovel Use Cases

  • Content creation for social media.
  • Customized gift creation.
  • Provision of exclusive content for websites or blogs.

InstaNovel Details

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