What is Hypertype?

Hypertyp is an innovative AI solution that significantly enhances team productivity by expediting the process of finding optimal responses to emails and document interactions. By swiftly extracting pertinent information and intelligently identifying similar questions and answers, Hypertyp enables teams to save valuable time and effort. Additionally, this powerful tool automates the onboarding process, generates new knowledge, and tailors responses to individual needs. With its GDPR compliance and optional data sharing feature, Hypertyp ensures data security and privacy. Its seamless integration as a Chrome extension makes it effortlessly accessible, empowering teams to enhance efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Hypertype Use Cases

  • Streamlined process for getting new employees up to speed.
  • Effective communication among team members.
  • Tailored and individualized responses to customers.

Hypertype Details

  • Pricing: Free trial
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