What is GPT95?

ChatGPT is an innovative AI tool designed as a retro-themed VSCode extension. With its impressive array of features including code generation, code refactoring, debugging, and auto documentation, it proves to be a valuable asset for developers. By utilizing natural-language-to-code translation, ChatGPT enhances the overall quality of code and ensures a seamless coding experience. Moreover, it prioritizes privacy and security, providing users with a secure coding environment. For those interested in trying out the tool, a free trial with 10k tokens is available. Additionally, ChatGPT offers flexible pricing plans starting at just $2 per month, making it accessible to developers of all levels. With a promising roadmap of future features and a newsletter for regular updates, ChatGPT is undoubtedly a tool to watch out for in the coding community.

GPT95 Use Cases

  • Generating code automatically.
  • Ensuring privacy and security in coding.
  • Improving code structure and fixing errors.

GPT95 Details

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