What is GoLinks?

The golinks® | Intuit link management platform is a cutting-edge solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline link management and sharing for teams. By utilizing short and memorable go links, teams can effortlessly access and share important resources. The platform provides a comprehensive set of features, including an analytics and insights dashboard, browser extensions, and seamless integration with popular workplace apps like Slack and GitHub. With golinks®, teams can consolidate all their essential resources into a centralized hub, making it easy to find what they need quickly. Additionally, the platform allows users to customize links with relevant keywords and tags, enhancing searchability. Security is also a top priority, with enterprise-ready features like single sign-on, multi-domain sharing, and GDPR compliance, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

GoLinks Use Cases

  • Convenient access to essential resources.
  • Personalized links with keywords and tags.
  • Robust security features suitable for enterprise-level link sharing and beyond.

GoLinks Details

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