Gmail Signature Parser

What is Gmail Signature Parser?

The email signature parser is a Chrome extension provided by, which is available for free. This extension utilizes chatgpt technology to effectively extract contact information from email signatures within Gmail. The extracted data can then be seamlessly transferred to a range of applications including Google Sheets, webhooks, Airtable, and Zapier. For users seeking more advanced functionalities, such as automated data sending and data deduplication, the option to purchase a lifetime license key is available. The extension is capable of extracting various details from email signatures, including first name, last name, email address, job title, company, phone number, and website. To utilize this extension, users will need a free OpenAI API key.

Gmail Signature Parser Use Cases

  • Connect with Zapier to effortlessly import new contacts into your CRM.
  • Effortlessly transfer contact information from email signatures to Google Sheets.
  • Efficiently gather contact information from emails to generate leads.

Gmail Signature Parser Details

  • Pricing: Free
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