What is EssayGrader?

EssayGrad is an innovative application that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline the essay grading process. With its advanced algorithms, it is capable of assessing essays and offering precise feedback based on predefined rubrics. By pinpointing areas that require enhancement, EssayGrad assists in enhancing the overall quality of the essay. Additionally, it provides a succinct summary of the essay, allowing users to grasp the main points effortlessly. Moreover, the application incorporates an AI detector, which can identify essays generated by artificial intelligence. This feature ensures the authenticity and originality of the submitted work. Furthermore, EssayGrad includes an error report that highlights grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, enabling users to refine their writing skills. By simplifying and expediting the grading process, EssayGrad aims to assist educators in saving time while maintaining accuracy. The application offers a free version, and regular updates are introduced to enhance its functionality.

EssayGrader Use Cases

  • Help students receive precise feedback.
  • Speed up the process of grading essays for teachers.
  • Detect essays that are generated by AI.

EssayGrader Details

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