What is Equalto?

Equalto is a highly efficient spreadsheet service platform created by OpenAI. With this platform, users can effortlessly access the sheet and utilize prompts to carry out various tasks, such as generating project plans or budgets. The flexibility of the tool allows users to further refine the sheet by utilizing follow-up questions, enabling them to make adjustments like modifying currency or adding rows. Additionally, users can rest assured knowing that their privacy is protected, as the tool requires consent to privacy policies and terms of service.

Equalto Use Cases

  • Collaborative data management: A feature that allows multiple users to work together on managing data efficiently.
  • Data analysis and visualization: The app provides tools for analyzing and presenting data in a visual format.
  • Automated project planning and budgeting: The app automates the process of creating project plans and budgets, saving time and effort for users.

Equalto Details

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