What is EasyPR AI?

EasyPR AI is a highly adaptable tool designed to streamline the PR process and simplify media outreach. Its intelligent keyword search feature enables users to quickly and effectively find relevant queries. The AI query summaries provide concise and well-organized insights into these queries, allowing users to gain a better understanding of the media landscape. Additionally, this AI-powered platform offers personalized email pitch writing, saving users valuable time and effort in crafting compelling pitches. By leveraging its extensive database, EasyPR AI assists users in securing press coverage and establishing strong media relationships. Moreover, the tool offers a range of features such as daily keyword email alerts, advanced query analytics, and a journalist database (coming soon) to further enhance users' PR strategies. EasyPR AI is the ideal solution for those seeking to enhance their brand exposure and generate high-quality backlinks.

EasyPR AI Use Cases

  • Improve your understanding of the media landscape using AI-generated summaries of queries.
  • Efficiently find relevant queries to target for your PR campaigns.
  • Save time and effort by using personalized email pitch writing for PR outreach.
  • Enhance your PR strategy with advanced query analytics.
  • Stay updated with daily keyword email alerts for your PR strategy.

EasyPR AI Details

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