What is Earkind?

Earkind is an innovative AI solution designed to assist users in effortlessly producing podcasts. By harnessing the power of neural expressive text-to-speech technology and programmatic audio editing, Earkind enables users to generate high-quality podcast episodes and descriptions. The process is simple: users need only provide a .txt file containing plain text and a list of recent Arxiv papers as URLs. Earkind then leverages its capabilities to crawl the Arxiv database, extract relevant information from the raw PDF text, and utilize the ChatGPT API to generate engaging and informative content for the podcast. This streamlined approach ensures that users can create compelling podcasts with ease, making Earkind a valuable tool for content creators in the podcasting industry.

Earkind Use Cases

  • Automated podcast production.
  • AI-generated spoken content.
  • Improved podcast editing capabilities.

Earkind Details

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