What is Double?

The AI solution provided by this app offers a convenient way to streamline data entry tasks, saving users from the tedium of manual input. With its advanced capabilities, it not only automates the process but also enhances the quality of leads by cleaning and enriching them. By leveraging the power of GPT, the app conducts thorough research on internet leads, providing users with valuable insights. Additionally, it has the ability to extract relevant information from LinkedIn profiles, such as job experience and education, through web scraping techniques. Furthermore, the app can scrape website text to uncover phone numbers and company details, offering users a comprehensive view of their leads. To cater to different requirements, the app allows users to create custom AI instructions. The pricing plans offered by the app are flexible, ranging from free options to enterprise packages, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can find a suitable plan based on their monthly character limits and specific needs.

Double Use Cases

  • AI instructions tailored for lead qualification.
  • Automated process of evaluating and enhancing leads.
  • Streamlined data entry and cleansing.

Double Details

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