What is Cradle?

Cradl is an innovative AI tool specifically developed for biologists seeking to enhance protein structures efficiently. By utilizing predictive algorithms and AI design suggestions, this tool enables users to design and improve protein structures in a remarkably short amount of time. With its high throughput screening capabilities and user-friendly AI-assisted design tool, Cradl empowers biologists to generate new sequences and optimize codons effortlessly. Additionally, Cradl offers valuable assistance in enhancing protein stability, activity, specificity, and affinity. One notable aspect of this tool is its commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of sequence data, ensuring that users retain full ownership of their intellectual property. The Cradl team is composed of industry veterans who possess extensive expertise in biology, bioengineering, design, and machine learning, further enhancing the credibility and reliability of this remarkable tool.

Cradle Use Cases

  • Create novel protein sequences.
  • Enhance codons for protein engineering.
  • Enhance protein stability, functionality, selectivity, and binding.

Cradle Details

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