What is Cradl?

Cradl AI is an advanced document parsing API that harnesses the power of deep learning technology. With its cutting-edge capabilities, it caters to various needs such as invoice and receipt OCR, as well as personalized document parsing. The platform stands out with its user-friendly visual interface, allowing users to effortlessly construct and train custom models. Additionally, it offers scalability through flexible deployment options. To ensure accuracy, Cradl AI incorporates a human-in-the-loop platform that validates and rectifies low confidence predictions. With expert support and a convenient pay-as-you-go pricing model, Cradl AI is a top choice for businesses seeking efficient document parsing solutions.

Cradl Use Cases

  • Scanning and organizing receipts.
  • Automating the processing of invoices.
  • Parsing and extracting information from custom documents.

Cradl Details

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