What is is an innovative AI-driven writing companion that employs advanced GPT-3 technology to produce text in response to natural language cues. This sleek app boasts a range of functionalities, including intelligent autocompletion, customizable prompts, and pre-designed templates, all aimed at enhancing writing efficiency and quality. Moreover, goes the extra mile by offering expert feedback and recommendations for refining style, tone, and structure. With its utilization of Markdown for formatting and a user-friendly text editor interface, ensures a seamless and straightforward experience. Pricing options begin at $8 per month, and users can take advantage of a complimentary 3-day trial period to explore the app's capabilities. Use Cases

  • Increase the speed and improve the quality of writing.
  • Generate ideas for content creation.
  • Improve the style and structure of writing. Details

  • Pricing: Freemium
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