What is Avanty?

Avanti is a highly useful Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with Metabase, catering to the needs of data analysts. With Avanti, users can streamline their SQL workflow by effortlessly generating, modifying, and comprehending SQL queries. This extension goes above and beyond by automatically incorporating comments into SQL code and enhancing the readability of queries. Additionally, Avanti boasts intelligent AI capabilities that simplify complex queries and provide helpful suggestions for chart titles. While still in the development phase, Avanti offers a free trial for users to experience its remarkable features firsthand. It is important to note that Avanti prioritizes user privacy and security, as it does not access or store any user data nor execute SQL queries independently. Should users require assistance, support is readily available through email and Slack channels.

Avanty Use Cases

  • The app can automatically add comments and format queries to improve readability. It also allows for faster and easier generation and editing of SQL queries. Additionally, it offers smart AI features that provide query explanations and suggestions for chart titles.

Avanty Details

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