What is AVA?

AVA is an innovative application that utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver live captions for individuals with hearing impairments. This user-friendly tool is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible in a wide range of situations, including virtual and in-person meetings, educational settings, healthcare facilities, and public venues. By combining the power of AI and human expertise, AVA ensures highly precise captions with an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99%. Additionally, it offers advanced features like speaker identification through color-coding and the inclusion of punctuation marks. AVA's ultimate objective is to promote inclusivity by granting equal access to information for all, empowering both individuals and organizations to contribute to a more inclusive society.

AVA Use Cases

  • Healthcare and public facilities.
  • - Utilizing technology to improve healthcare services and public facilities.
  • - Enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare and public facilities through digital solutions.
  • Online learning.
  • - Engaging in education through virtual platforms.
  • - Accessing educational resources and courses online.
  • - Participating in remote learning experiences.
  • In-person and online meetings.
  • - Conducting meetings both in-person and virtually.
  • - Combining face-to-face and online interactions for meetings.
  • - Utilizing technology to facilitate meetings in different formats.

AVA Details

  • Pricing: Freemium
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