What is Astria?

Astria is an advanced AI platform designed specifically for enterprise use. It offers an AI assistant for every team member, enabling them to automate various operations and boost overall efficiency within the organization. With the Free plan, users can enjoy a personalized AI experience, complete with SMS, email, and web chat functionalities. Additionally, there is the option to upload limited amounts of data, which can be leveraged to enhance AI-driven document generation. This feature proves particularly useful in scenarios such as drafting legal contracts, writing and submitting grant proposals, managing DOD contracts, and facilitating AI-powered communications. For those seeking even more extensive usage and enhanced capabilities, the Edge plan is available.

Astria Use Cases

  • Enhance internal communication in the company using artificial intelligence.
  • Effortlessly generate and compose legal contracts.
  • Streamline Department of Defense contract management.

Astria Details

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