What is is an advanced chatbot AI tool that utilizes the power of GPT-3 to deliver exceptional question-answering capabilities on popular communication platforms like Slack and Discord. By analyzing the message history, is able to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses, drawing from its extensive knowledge base. This tool can be further enhanced through training using markdown files and by learning from user interactions and feedback. With its ability to swiftly respond to repetitive inquiries and efficiently search for conversations within broad categories, proves to be a valuable time-saving and engagement-boosting solution. Pricing plans for this feature-rich tool start at an affordable $4.99 per month, and users can also take advantage of a free trial. Currently, supports English language interactions exclusively. Use Cases

  • The app allows users to train using markdown files and interact with them.
  • Users can easily search for conversations in broad categories.
  • The app provides instant and clever responses to repetitive questions. Details

  • Pricing: Free trial
  • Categories:
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