Altera AI

What is Altera AI?

Altera is an innovative AI solution designed to support sales professionals on LinkedIn. By providing a range of features such as generating personalized comments, in-mails, and posts, Altera empowers salespeople to craft compelling messages that effectively engage their contacts and drive successful deal closures. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn through a convenient Chrome extension, offering users the ability to access custom AI training, analytics, and automation functionalities. With a 3-day trial available for free, users can experience the benefits of Altera firsthand before selecting from a variety of pricing plans tailored to their specific requirements.

Altera AI Use Cases

  • Create highly customized comments, in-mails, and posts.
  • Efficiently craft messages that connect with your contacts.
  • Increase your chances of closing deals with AI-powered training, analytics, and automations.

Altera AI Details

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